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Do you want to make your own number plates online? Order them and have them delivered to your door? If the answer is yes, then head on over to our online number plate maker. 

Our online number plate maker enables you to custom design your own road legal number plates to use on your car, motorbike or other roadworthy vehicles. You can even design vintage plates for your gorgeous vintage or classic car. Get registration plates made to British Specifications (BS AU 145d) that are 100% road legal and order the exact design and accessories you need to compliment your vehicle. 

Choose from our wide range of road legal number plates, display only number plates, 3d number plates, 4d number plates as well as the fittings & accessories you need.

Rest assured that we have your registration plate needs covered on our number plate maker, all our rates are reviewed weekly and priced to remain highly competitive, and we offer the widest range of mailing options to suit your budget and needs

Order before 2.00pm for same day dispatch

Motorbike plates also sold here.

With millions of great-value DVLA personalised, cherished & private numbers available, we have something that will suit any taste or budget!



Buy legal number plates online today from one of the UK’s leading independent registration plate manufacturers. Alternatively, if you’re looking for anything extra special, you can build your own private registration, it’s yours to keep forever, and we’ll take care of all the paperwork for you!

We are one of the best number plate makers online in the UK!

How Much Do Number Plates Cost?

All items in our wide selection of UK number plates are manufactured from high-quality materials. In our stock, you can find replacement car and bike registration plates, display plates, aluminium number plates, pressed licence plates, and prices start from at little as £14.99. 

We can also supply products for novelty purposes, where you can play around a little with your designs using our custom number plate design maker online on our website

Where Can I Buy New Licence Plates?

As a registered DVLA number plate supplier and the UK’s most used number plate manufacturer, you can make your registration plates online with us. We also provide a next day delivery service, and if you order before 2 pm, your plates may be at your door tomorrow.

Being the market pioneer in all things licence plates, we also provide personalised registration packages beginning with the best customer service. If you would like to know more about our plate printing services, please get in contact with us or check out our private plate pages.

We’re your one-stop-shop for number plates! We are assured that you will be satisfied with your custom number plates and provide a replacement plate surface for those that do not comply with our quality assurance requirements.

What Car Number Plates Can You Make?

Our online car registration plate maker is home to the industry’s widest range of options and specifications. More recently, we’ve introduced 3D and 4D variants. This helps you to customise number plates more than ever before. Moreover, we’ll give you access to the newly formed rear number plates that fit up to date vehicle models. 

We’re still looking to expand our selection. So, if you’ve got anything new in mind, make sure you get in contact with us.

Using the newest and most reliable printing equipment, we are able to produce fully personalised plates that are not intended for road use. 

This may be useful for commercial ads, branding and signage. Our supportive design team is on hand to get your ideas going. You can also use our number plate creator for fun and produce funny personalised licence plates as well! Here’s more info on each plate we can make: 

  • Legal Number Plates
  • Private Number Plates
  • Custom Number Plates 
  • 3D Text Number Plates
  • Motorbike Number Plates
  • Vintage Number Plates


  • One of the most extensive number plate manufacturer in the United Kingdom
  • A wide variety of plates and fonts
  • Quick shipping and delivery options for the same day
  • Choice of options for tracked shipping
  • Custom plate builder
  • Dedicated customer service Monday – Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm.
  • The most commonly used UK registration plate supplier.
  • Buy registration plates from a licenced DVLA supplier.
  • High-quality guarantee
  • All goods made by BS Requirements (BSAU 145d) – Fully Road Legal Car Number Plates For Sale
  • Secure and safe payments
  • We are an Official Legal Number Plate Supplier – Find Us This DVLA Link

Leading Number Plate supplier to the whole of the UK

Buy legal number plates online today from one of the UK’s leading independent registration plate manufacturers. Alternatively, if you’re looking for anything extra special, you can build your own private registration, it’s yours to keep forever, and we’ll take care of all the paperwork for you!

We are one of the best number plate makers online in the UK!

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We're A Registered Number Plate Supplier

All of our number plates are MOT and DVLA compliant and road legal

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After making your number plates on our online number plate maker, you can pay for your design through our secure payments terminal.

We're A Registered Number Plate Supplier

All of our number plates are MOT and DVLA compliant and road legal

Got a Number plate Business ?

We offer a made for you number plate service, we make up your number orders, with your DVLA RNPS / SID number , and ship them directly to your customer.

Got Questions?

We have got your answers!

Because we here at Number Plates 4 You Ltd are a DVLA registered number plate supplier, it is a legal requirement to request documents that prove your identity and that you are authorised to use the registration number. We cannot in any circumstances dispatch any number plates until these documents have been received.

When sending us documents we require one of each of the following below and you can easily do this by sending the  original documents to

Number Plates 4 You Ltd
119 Main Road
Parson Drove
PE13 4LA

To confirm your identity

Driving Licence
Utility or Council Tax bill dated within last 6 months
Bank/Building Society Statement dated within last 6 months
National ID card

To confirm you can use the registration

Vehicle Registration Certificate (V5C or V5CNI)
New Keeper Supplement (V5C/2 or V5C/2NI)
of entitlement (V750 or V750NI) to the number
Retention Document (V778) – not applicable in Northern Ireland
A renewal reminder for vehicle tax or SORN (V11 or V11NI)
Temporary Registration Certificate (V379 or V379NI)
A number plate authorisation certificate (V948) with an official stamp from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) or Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA)
An electronic number plate authorisation certificate (eV948)
A letter of authorisation from a fleet operator (including lease or hire company) quoting the document reference number from the registration certificate

Number Plates 4 You Ltd are a registered number plate supplier with the DVLA and only supply fully road legal number plates to comply with DVLA regulations and are fully MOT compliant. Our DVLA registered number plate supplier or RNPS number is 58775 and you can find us by clicking the link below and inputting our address details which can be found at the bottom of the home page.

All orders placed before 2.00pm, Monday to Friday will be dispatched the same day. Orders placed after this time will not be dispatched until the next working day. Orders submitted on Saturday or Sunday will not be dispatched until the next working day (Monday).
Number Plates 4 You Ltd only sends out all orders via DPD as they’re the most reliable courier service out there.
Number Plates 4 You Ltd WILL NOT be held responsible for any delays in delivery once the plates have been dispatched.
Please note – Deliveries to Northern Ireland and some Scottish areas can take 2 working days.

All goods are sent out by Number Plates 4 You Ltd on time and full tracking details can be provided on request. In some cases such as busy periods (run up to Christmas, bank holidays) and also adverse weather conditions, there could be a delay in the delivery of items.

Number Plates 4 You Ltd recommend you purchase our fitting kit which comprises of 6 x sticky pads and all the screws and coloured caps needed to fit the new number plates to your car.

We recommend for self adhesion 6 x pads per plate so to purchase 2 x fitting kits.

If drilling always drill the plates from the rear (never the front) and to always remove the protective film on the front of the plate once drilled/fitted.

Spacing can be change but it is not legal to do so and Number Plates 4 You Ltd can not be held responsible for any convictions that may arise from doing so. Also we will not put pur name and postcode on any plates that have had the spacing changed.

All orders are to be placed online using our extremely easy to use online plate builder to be found on the Home page of the website and can be paid for safely and securely through PayPal/Stripe. No credit/debit card details are kept by us here at Number Plates 4 You Ltd. Any further information you may need, you can email us on the Contact Us section of the website and one of the team will answer your question as quickly as possible.

At Number Plates 4 You Ltd we pride ourselves on customer service and most orders are printed very soon as they’re placed. Sometimes we might not be able to issue a refund as the number plates will have already been made. If you do need to cancel an order then please ensure you contact us as soon as possible. If the new number plates have not been made at the time of receiving contact then a full refund will be issued.

It is a legal requirement to include the makers name and postcode on all legally spaced number plates. This will read as NP4U PE13 4LA in very small lettering in the bottom right hand corner of the plates along with the BSAU 145d marking and do not brake into any chosen border colour and therefore will not detract from the overall look of your new number plates. In instances when a decision to change the legal spacing has been made we will NOT include our name and postcode as it is illegal to do so.

Replacement Number plates

In order to ensure that the replacement number plates are 100 percent legal for road use in the United Kingdom, they must be rendered in compliance with British requirements (BS AU 145d). Our unique range of shapes, sizes and text fonts enables personalised registration plates to be produced and allows customers to purchase online replacement number plates.

We give our customers the freedom to have some fun with replacement plates and provide choices that allow them to be customised to a specific vehicle or personality.

We provide solutions for the replacement of short plates, motorcycle plates or quick fixes for trailer needs. Well equipped with the latest equipment and hardware, we deliver plates of the highest quality possible. Our replacement number plate maker can be used to purchase number plates online today that are legally compliant, so you don’t have to worry about fines or penalty points!

Where Can I Buy Replacement Number Plates?

There are a lot of circumstances that mean that someone would need to purchase a new number plate. Private registration marks can be obtained from the DVLA and, although they sell registrations, they do not actually supply the registration plates themselves.

We are here to ensure that replacement licence plates can be obtained quickly and conveniently without the hassle of leaving your home.

Our high quality customised replacement provides a glamorous finishing touch to a new car, motorcycle or caravan that has recently been purchased.

Can I Buy New Number Plates Online?



Yes. As a registered supplier, we will have optimally produced replacement number plates to ensure that the public does not face any unwanted costs or penalties for showing the number plates that are damaged or not seen by a readable standard. Reg plates that do not comply with these requirements may fail to comply with MOTs and may receive a fine of £1,000.

The Government has been working on introducing new legislation to the replacement plate industry and upgrading the existing BS AU 145d to BS AU 145e. Again, as the leading UK supplier, we are in pole position to ensure that any improvements are taken care of so that we can continue to supply legal plates for many years to come. This does not apply to display plates that are not regulated by any DVLA regulation due to their playful nature.

How Much Do Replacement Number Plates Cost?

We have some of the cheapest replacement plates available online, starting from as low as £11.99. Browse through our vast range of add-ons, plate types and text styles, 100 percent road legal replacement registration plates can be made for cars, bikes, caravans or trailers.

Optional extras such as badges and borders can be added to ensure that the new plates are fully personalised to the customer or the loved one for whom they may be purchased. If our rivals sell something we don’t, then simply reach out to us, and we’ll do our best to find a solution for all the latest number plate requests!

It couldn’t be easier to place an order using our easy number plate builder. Created with ease of use in mind, simply enter the registration, pick the desired additions and place the personalised plates in the basket. We also give peace of mind about the safety of these new plates by providing a range of suitable fitting kits.

What Style Number Plate Do I Need?

We’re proud of the range of licence plates we supply. From regular shapes to square or big rear sizes, often designed for SUVs. Our stock also consists of special model plates for something more contoured. Various materials, text designs, badges and borders can also be used to replace your registration plate.

Giving our customers the best possible shopping experience is at the forefront of what we are trying to achieve. That’s why we still plan to send orders on the same day that they are purchased on our website. And we ensure that they are available to consumers within 48 hours, depending on the postal choice.

If you feel that it’s simpler and cheaper for you to come and collect your plates in-store, we’d be more than happy to fit your new registration plates while you wait. We charge GBP 5 for this service, but it’s sure to save you the trouble of drilling holes or making sure your bumpers are in the right condition to use sticky pads. Just ask a member of our supportive production team to help you out.

Add to our ever-increasing list of registration options. We now have the capability to supply you with your own customised registration mark. From suffix number plates to beloved registrations, we have everything you could possibly need in your search for the perfect plates. Make shopping for your replacement plates even more meaningful with a reg label of some sentimental value!

What Are The New Replacement Registration Plates Available?

The increasing industry of registration plates is expanding. We like to stay at the forefront of all these developments and lead the way in the production of new styles and requirements. Above all, we want to provide choices that allow customers to stand out from the rest.

For this reason, we have continued to create fresh and exciting ideas. Now, options for our new and improved 4D text styles are available. All of our range is now 3 mm deep, making a more elegant and luxurious product. We have also begun to develop new methods of producing custom shapes and sizes, expanding our selection of replacement motorcycle plates and Range Rover shapes.

Reasons Why You Might Need To Order Replacement Number Plates?

reasons to BUY replacement number plates UK

  1. Your current plates are damaged, cracked or broken
  2. Your current plates are illegal or not roadworthy
  3. Your number plates have faded
  4. You have ordered a personalised plate for your vehicle and need new ones printed to replace your current ones
  5. You have purchased a new vehicle
  6. The police have instructed you to
  7. Your number plates were stolen (check out our anti-theft fitting kit)
  8. You are removing your private registration and converting back to your original registration.
  9. Your number plates were damaged or came off in an accident.

Why Should You Purchase Your Replacement Plates From Us?

There are a number of websites who sell replacement number plates, but here’s a look at the reasons you should purchase your new number plates from us.

  • Lots of plat options to choose from
  • A variety of materials such as plastics and metals.
  • A choice of borders
  • A choice of badges
  • A friendly customer care team
  • contact by telephone, email and contact form on our site
  • All plates made to British Standard (BS AU 145D)
  • We use high-quality materials
  • Easy to use online number plate designer
  • 3D and 4D designs
  • Highline font available
  • Vintage plate printing available
  • We supply plates for cars, motorbikes, busses etc
  • Secure website and secure payment gateway checkout
  • Orders placed before 2 pm with the correct documents can be sent out the same day.
  • DVLA registered
  • Fast turnaround and delivery
  • 24 hour online ordering
  • Excellent reputation and super reliable!

Take a look at our online registration plate maker and design and order your new replacement number plates with us today. You won’t be disappointed!



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Friendly and fast delivery, Steve was very helpful in getting everything sent out quickly.
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Super fast, reliable. Made ordering new plates for our motorhome a breeze.
Sally W
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I had no idea what I needed to do, Steve very kindly guided me through the ordering process and made sure he had all the details.