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3D Number Plates – 3D Text Registration Plates

PLEASE NOTE:  Legal for cars registered up until 31st August 2021

3D Number Plates are made by adding black and grey characters which give number plate characters a 3D look without them being raised off the number plate. As a premium plate in the number plate industry, we ensure that the final product is made of the highest quality. A fully personalised finish in grey and black make your number plates come alive with 3d lettering, it looks so good you’ll be the envy of other motorists. They are at the top of the table when it comes to luxury number plate designs in the UK.

Are 3D Number Plates Legal?

ARE 3D NUMBER PLATES LEGAL 3D lettering number plates are 100% road legal. All of the requirements and choices that we offer are made in compliance with British Standards (BS AU 145d) and are legal for use on UK roads. As one of the UK’s most successful 3D number plate providers, we ensure that high-quality standards are met.

What 3D Number Plates Can You Design?

As one of our many text types, 3D lettering can be applied to the number plate range that we sell. We can apply it to our 4X4 or wide rear plates and all our shapes. You may also apply 3D style of lettering to your motorcycle number plates to ensure that the characters are of the legal size to be shown on a motorbike. The two-tone font effect of the characters gives the appearance of a 3D number plate with no premium domed effect. This is a great choice if you’re looking for a fast solution. This text style will look fantastic on your very own customised registration plate. Shop our wide range of 50M+ DVLA number plates to see if you can find the one you’ve been looking for the most. If you are unable to locate the number plate that you really love, drop us a call, and we will do what we can to help you.

What Is The Difference Between 3D and 4D Number Plates?

This is a question that we get asked quite frequently. The market for both models has multiplied over the years, and some consumers are puzzled as to which to buy. Both are part of our enhanced character range and give your plates a dynamic edge. The distinction lies in the materials and processes used to create the characters. 3D number plates, as we described earlier, are made with 3D effect lettering in a two tone black and grey leaving a smooth profile after printing though giving the characters a 3D, raised look. 4D plates are distinctive in that they are made of solid acrylic. This makes a precise and ‘boxed’ cut around the characters. So while both are 3D in appearance, the 4D plates give a completely different look.

How Much Do 3D Registration Plates Cost?

Prices for our 3D number plates start at just £21.99. 3D number Plates are not the only luxury product we make and sell; we use the latest laser cutting and CNC hardware to produce some of the industry’s highest quality number plates. Whether you’re looking for car plates, the ideal match for your caravan, or if you want to add a slogan to our lipped plates, there’s not much we can’t do for you!

3D Number Plates Near Me

a As we’re an online company, you can design your 3D number plates on our website, when you’re happy with your design simply click to order, pay online securely and await your gel number plate delivery. If your order is placed before 2 pm we can deliver the next day. Don’t worry about driving around all day or scanning the internet all day for a local supplier. We are everyone’s local number plate design and printing company.

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PLEASE NOTE:  Legal for cars registered up until 31st August 2021