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4D Number Plates – 4D Registration Plates

The words ‘4D plates’ are used to characterise a new generation of number plates. You might find yourself wondering, what makes 4D plates four-dimensional? Well, we’re asking ourselves the same question. The name is illogical as the plates are seemingly 3D, but it’s the ‘industry norm’ name right now, so we just embrace it and work with it.

So What Makes 4D Plates So Special?

These plates have laser-cut acrylic letters instead of letters that are simply printed or placed on the reflective material as used on other plates. The acrylic adds a degree of complexity that is not seen on many vehicles. These plates look good in all situations, particularly when the light hits them. They really make your car stand out from the rest.

Will The Letters Fall Off A Set of 4D Plates?

We can’t comment on our rivals, but our 4D plates are made using a super-strong 3M adhesive to fix the letters to the plate. Once applied, we expect those letters to stay fixed to the plate for several years. We’ve yet to hear about any letters dropping off the plates of the customers!

If this concerns you, you can always opt for one of our printed number plates. There are several fonts that are unique and look great on number plates, they’re also road legal – so if 4D plates aren’t right for you then head over to our carbon number plates page and our 3D number plates.

Are 4D Plates Legal?

are 4d number plates legal

The 4D plates that you can buy from us are 100 % legal for road use-the DVLA has stated that 3D lettering can be used on plates, and our plates include the appropriate legal text along the bottom.

Our plates also comply with the legal requirement for letter/number spacing so that you can be certain that they are legal.

Can I Have 4D Plates That Are Tinted or Shortened?

You may request that your 4D plates be shortened at an extra cost. We can not manufacture tinted plates; they are not road legal and are therefore illegal for us to produce, even if we listed them as ‘display plates.’

Are 4D Plates Hard To Clean?

how to clean 4d number plates

Our 4D plates are pretty easy to clean! They can withstand a pressure washer, and you can get in between gaps with your usual cleaning items, such as a microfiber wash mitt.

How To Clean Your 4D Number Plates?

Cleaning the 4D laser cut acrylic number plates is very different from cleaning the regular number plates. We’ve found the best way to clean your 4D number plates for an impeccable finish is to spray an all-purpose cleaner or some snow foam on to the lettering with a detailing brush.

After this step, rinse with a hose pipe or a pressure washer at a distance. Dry the number plates with a lightweight microfiber towel.

The alternative approach for drying plates is to use a compressed air line or a MetroVac Blow Dryer. Our 4D number plates are perfect to polish and wax, but we don’t suggest this because it’ll be very difficult to remove all the excess polish/wax off the plate. We find that spraying glass cleaner, or Mr.Sheen, on a rag, and then gently wiping down the plates seems to be the easiest way to make them clean and shiny when the plate is dry.

How Strong Are 4D Number Plates?

4D letters are made of similar acrylic to the actual plate but are more delicate and susceptible to damage. You must be careful not to try to bend these letters, and we strongly warn you not to bend them as you might break the letters in both cases. You should also be cautious with the shiny surface of the 4D letters, as they could be scratched with inappropriate handling.

We advise you to treat your number plates as you would your phone-you can expect them to be fairly sturdy, but you should also be careful not to damage them.

To design and order your own 4D number plates, take a look at our online number plate maker. There are lots of styles and designs which include 3D number plates, vintage number plates and standard number plates. If you place your order before 2 pm, we’ll deliver the very next day. Take a look at our online number plate maker today.