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Carbon Number Plates – Carbon Registration Plates

PLEASE NOTE:  Legal for cars registered up until 31st August 2021

Carbon fibre number plates are legal number plates that have a carbon like appearance to the characters and numbers on the reg, the carbon font design gives an almost 3D look however the letters and number are flat to the plate. These must-have number plates in the UK are quickly becoming extremely popular and make for a great way of customising the look of your number plates while still keeping them within the legal limits of number plate design. These carbon number plates that can be custom designed on our site and delivered the very next day if ordered before 2 pm. Although carbon number plates can legally be used by drivers to display their registrations, these plates must comply with all UK legislation on number plates, as described on the DVLA website.

Why Choose Carbon Number Plates?

If you’re on the hunt for your car’s new number plates, you’ll realise that the government has stringent laws regulating them. From the size and form of the alphanumeric characters shown on them to the colour of the plates themselves, these strict laws must be followed. Breaking these rules could result in a failed MOT test or a fine of up to £1,000 if enforced by officials. Given these rules and regulations, you can be shocked that there are still legal ways to make your plate stand out from those seen by other cars on the road.

How To Buy Legal Carbon Number Plates?

One way to acquire this registration status is to opt for carbon number plates. You can find a carbon number plate option as part of our online number plate builder. These premium style number plates are perfect if you want to lift your profile on the road or add a little flair to your registration. Carbon number plates can be the ideal way to improve your private number plate. If you’ve gone to the trouble to pick up a custom plate that’s personal to you, why don’t you go the extra mile to display it in the best available format?

Carbon Font Number Plates And The Law

There is no question that carbon-style registrations can be a fashionable way to show the reg of your vehicle, but are carbon number plates legal? The good news is that although they must comply with the rules laid down in the Motor Car Act, carbon plates are fully legal on UK roads. The several rules require that your registration is shown in black characters on a white plate at the front of the vehicle and on a yellow plate at the back and that the characters shown are of equal height to each other. However, on the characters, no context patterns like a honeycomb can be used.

Are Carbon Font Number Plates Legal?

This sought-after registration style is carefully designed to the highest specification to meet BSAU British safety requirements. This form of plate is 100 % legal in so far as it complies entirely with the registration rules, including the use of the Charles Wright font on all UK plates. It is also possible to legally show carbon looking letters and numbers without a gel resin rise. Using a two-tone effect, the characters may have a 3D look without using a more expensive domed gel resin effect. This option is worth exploring when the cost of gel plates is out of your price range.

Are Carbon Number Plates Legal?

are carbon number plates legal Although a common choice of premium plate formats in the UK, it is important that you buy them from a reputable number plate company like ours to ensure that they are suitable for use on UK roads. Carbon number plates used on your car must be displayed in black characters and in the Charles Wright font to be lawful. Those that display any other colour, font or background pattern are not legal.

Buy Carbon Number Plates Online UK

Buy 3d carbon number plates online UK If you buy your carbon number plates with us here, you will prevent any needless concern as to whether you are breaching the UK laws. Our superb customer service and online number plate designer will ensure that the Carbon number plates that you purchase from us – comply with the laws so that you do not need to worry about failing your MOT test or being stopped by the authorities.

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PLEASE NOTE:  Legal for cars registered up until 31st August 2021