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Highline Number Plates – Highline Registration Plates

What Are Highline Number Plates?

Highline number plates are like regular number plates only they have the registration characters printed in the highline font. The highline font can be used for both 3d number plates and standard number plates.

What Does The Highline Number Plate Font Look Like?

highline number plates The highline font is a standard front that is differentiated by a line inside each letter as displayed below. You can have number plates where the highline font is flat to the plate or you can have your lettering and numbers on your registration plate in 3d or 4d form.

3D Highline Number Plates

3D highline number plates are available in acrylic and look extremely smart with the line running throughout the letters and numbers on the plate text.

Are Highline Number Plates Legal?

Yes, the highline font is a legally permitted font and is DVLA approved meaning you can use the font to upgrade the look of your number plates, and to give your vehicle a more profound and on trend look. They will for sure enhance the appearance of your car or motorbike, motorcycle or van.

Where To Buy Highline Number Plates?

You can design your number plates using our online number plate designer and change the front of your text to highline at any time. We’re sure you’ll be impressed with the overall presentation of your highline number plates whether you have them printed or whether 3d or acrylic lettering is applied to them.

Take a look at our online number plate designer today.

highline number plates


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