Number plate replacement

Outsource Your Number Plate Production & Save

Let us Make your numberplates for your Number plate business

We offer a made for you number plate service,  we make up your number orders,  with your DVLA RNPS / SID number ,  and ship them directly to your customer.
Most Trusted Number plate Makers of Legal UK Plates

Want to Sell Number plates without making them yourself ?

Are you interested in selling,  and supplying number plates without the need for manufacturing and posting them to your customers yourself ? 

Don’t want to invest in the equipment,  cutting down on start up costs?  Or simple get so many orders its more cost effective for someone else to make and ship the plates for you ?

Our Made Up Plates service offers an ideal solution. It enables you to fulfill customer demand while minimising profits and time.

Start your made for you number plate business today!

Taking orders for Number plates,  without making a single one…how does that sound?  Let us make the number plates for you,  our prices are reasonable leaving you to take the profit for each Number plate you sell.

Step 1

Register With the DVLA

You will need to register with the DVLA,  making sure you understand the law regarding making or supplying replacement number plates.

Step 2

Fill out the form below

Next you need to fill out the form below to register your interest in our service,  provide as much detail as possible about what you plan on doing,  or if you are already established how many orders per day you currently want to outsource.

Step 3

Start placing orders at NP4Y

Once the agreement and fine details are in place, you can start sending orders through to us,  either by ordering plates using our builder ( your account will have your RNPS / SID number attached ) so we know its made for your service.   And we process the orders and ship them out.

Fill out the form below to register your interest.

Your Account Password(Required)
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Once this form is submitted, you will go into an approval queue, once your account is approved, you will get an email saying so.

No.1 Order Fulfilment Service for number plate Businesses

We recognise that making number plates on-site might not be feasible, desirable or affordable with the large initial outlay needed for having your own equiptment.

Making the purchase of equipment economically impractical for alot of start ups,  or perhaps you already have an established setup but require a backup service on holidays, or someone to take over your plate making business so you can scale marketing and attract more custom, letting us take care of the labour intesive number plate making while leaving you to take the profit from your orders.

Regardless of your circumstances, these factors shouldnt prevent you from supplying number plates at scale.

We assure you of the quality and legal compliance of our products, guaranteeing your peace of mind in this aspect of your business.

number plates made to order for you



5 Average Stars based on 5 Reviews

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Friendly and fast delivery, Steve was very helpful in getting everything sent out quickly.
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Super fast, reliable. Made ordering new plates for our motorhome a breeze.
Sally W
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I had no idea what I needed to do, Steve very kindly guided me through the ordering process and made sure he had all the details.