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Vintage Number Plates – Vintage Registration Plates

PLEASE NOTE:  Only available for pre 1974 vehicles.

Vehicles manufactured before April 1980 were legally allowed to show a classic black and silver number plate as of April 1 2020. Registrations ending with ‘T’ or older registrations before T are included. The date of the 40-year tax exemption rolls forward automatically on April 1 every year. In 2021, vehicles hitting the 40-year-old mark will also be able to get a vintage number plate from April 1 2021.

What Is It About Classic, Vintage Vehicles That Make Them So Attractive?

If you took a modern car back to the bare basics and drove it like you would have a Ferrari 250 GT or a Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing, it wouldn’t compare, not even near. Maybe that’s why they’re coming with 7 + price tags. You can look back at these vehicles, knowing that the work, time and effort that went into making them was like no other period. And without the iconic black and silver antique number plates, they wouldn’t have looked the same. In order to keep up with the ever-increasing demand for new cars, manufacturers had to take a different approach to designing their vehicles. For several businesses, the use of smart technology and equipment is vital to the production of the number of cars they sell every day. This implies, however, that their goods lose their uniqueness and some of the cutting edge that came with the design and development of a now ‘classic’ vehicle. These popular, old-fashioned techniques still have a strong value. It displays the large sums of money raised by companies including Bentley and Rolls Royce for the sale of their 150,000 + creations. Hand-stitched leather seats and hand-woven flooring fabrics, Rolls Royce argues that the only thing on their production line that is completely automated is paint, strictly for quality, fair? One day, these cars are going to be worthy when showing retro antique number plates.

Are Classic Black and Silver Number Plates Legal?

are black and silver vintage number plates legal In order to legally display this type of registration plate, the vehicle must have been produced and registered before 1980. Vehicles produced previous to 1980 are listed in the vintage category, and while they may not have originally shown this form of plate, they will be approved under DVLA and UK law.

Do You Sell Motorcycle Vintage Plates?

vintage motorbike number plates Yes, we most definitely do sell vintage plates for motorcycles. YOu can design your own vintage motorcycle number plates on our number plate designer. The same goes for motorbikes, with a lot of the current age of bikes being built on the foundations of bikes ridden by James Dean and Steve McQueen. Some of the coolest men in history have been known to love riding bikes. And if you’re fortunate enough to own a motorcycle that’s vintage, then you’ll know that regular number plates don’t do them much justice. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with all your classic number plate needs and even sell retro number plate sizes plates for motorbikes!

Can I Put Vintage Number Plates On My New Car?

A lot of people come to us to ask if we can supply our antique number plates for their new car. Unfortunately, that is not legal. Vintage number plates can only be placed on cars that were manufactured before 1978, although this is likely to change since it is a rolling law, meaning that the car must be over 40 years old from the current year to legally display black and silver plates. You can make your own using our classic car number plate creator and if you aren’t sure if your car is old enough yet then do an online search of your reg or take a look at your documents before purchasing one.

Vintage Number Plates Near Me

We are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of vintage number plates and everyone’s local number plate seller. Our online vintage number plate designer will allow you to custom design your perfect yet road legal vintage number plate to add to your wonderful vintage car.

Whatever your location in the UK, you can have access to our number plate maker, and when you place your order before 2 pm, we’ll aim to deliver the very next day without you even needing to leave your home!