How Much Do Replacement Number Plates Cost?

how much do replacement number plates cost

If you were wondering how much a replacement number plate will set you back, you first need to determine precisely what you want. While one person may want to replace the physical number plate on their vehicle because it fell off, cracked or is old and worn, another person may want to get a brand new or replacement registration. Those obtaining a unique registration number for their vehicle will need to find an online number plate replacement company like ours so they can replace their current ones.

Private registrations can cost hundreds, sometimes thousands but even after purchase, you still need to find a company to create the plate for you. So, how much do replacement number plates cost? How do you replace them? What do you need to buy a replacement or new number plates? And where can you purchase them? Let’s find out.

How To Replace Number Plates

So let’s say that you’ve got a personalised number plate. When the cost has been paid, you need to have new plates added on your car, truck or motorbike to display the new private registration. A new Reg, we offer a comprehensive number plate replacement service to our customers. This convenient service takes care of the manufacture and delivery of your new plates at a very competitive rate. They can be ordered at checkout when you purchase your new registration. We are a DVLA licenced number plate manufacturer, which means that you can be sure that the plates we supply comply entirely with the applicable legislation.

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How Much Do Replacement Number Plates Cost?

If you have purchased a personalised registration, you will have to pay a transfer fee to the DVLA to transfer the new registration plate to your vehicle. Again, we can deal with the DVLA paperwork for you if you want to take advantage of this service.

Then there is the cost of buying the new pair of plates themselves (or the rear plate, in the case of motorcycles, mopeds or motorised tricycles). Once again, we will deal with this for you, and there’s no need to find time to take all of your paperwork to a motor store to make up the covers.

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What Do You Need To Buy A Replacement Number Plate?

First, you need to find a number plate replacement supplier registered with the DVLA. Luckily for our customers, can assist, so there’s no need to look around to find a number plate manufacturer that you can trust.

Whoever you use, the platemaker would need to see the original paperwork to confirm your name, address, and that you have the right to use the registration number. To confirm your address, we will need to see your original driving licence, utility bill, bank or building society statement dated for the past six months, or a national identification card.

You must also have documentation to show that you are entitled to use the registration number. There is a detailed list of what is appropriate, including the V5C (log book), the retention document (V778), the renewal notice for taking the vehicle or the declaration of SORN (V11 or V11NI) or the number plate authorisation certificate (V948) stamped with the DVLA. There are more choices on the list: however, New Reg will make the process simpler for you.

Where can I get replacement number plates?

Right here on Numberplates4you! You can shop online with us, order a replacement number plate, we can conveniently deliver your new plates to you.


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