Trailer Number Plates

number plates for trailer

Number plates are required for your trailer – especially if you’re planning on towing a trailer with your vehicle on British roads.

Do I Need To Buy A Separate Number Plate For A Trailer?

Trailer plates must show the vehicle’s registration towing the trailer, with a legal registration plate produced per British Standards, to comply with DVLA regulations (BS AU 145d). You can purchase more than one number plate for your trailer – this is especially useful if you have multiple vehicles and need to swap plates to match the vehicle you’re towing it with.

What Size Are Trailer Number Plates?

We have a huge range of trailer number plates in stock. We can meet any of the requirements that you have, from premium acrylic to pressed aluminium. You can use our standard UK car number plates (520mm x 111mm) or our 4X4 plates (280mm x 203mm) for your trailer number plate. Prices start at just £9.99.

If you use your trailer for company purposes, our lipped range makes for perfect trailer number plates. The added area at the bottom of the number plate makes it easy for your business name, logo, number, or other information to be legally placed on your plate.

What are trailer number plate laws?

It’s important to know that when you travel abroad if you have a commercial trailer weighing more than 750 kg, or a domestic trailer weighing more than 3,500 kg, you must adhere to certain rules. This means that your trailer may need to be registered, and you need to buy a second number plate for it, which will be assigned to the trailer itself.

How to get number plates for your trailer?

get a new number plate for trailer

It couldn’t be simpler to have number plates made for your trailer. Here’s a few steps you’ll need to take to get your new or replacement trailer number plates.

STEP 1 – Go to our registration plate builder

STEP 2 – Design your number plate (make sure the reg matches your car number plate)

STEP 3 – Add any borders or badges you like

STEP 4 – Add accessories and fitting kits to your order.

STEP 5 – Place your order

Receive your registration number plate order as soon as tomorrow!

We know that it is not ideal to submit your documents to us, but you need to get new road legal number plates. If you want to buy your trailer number plates from a supplier who does not ask for these records, they will have illegally sold them to you, and it is very unlikely that British Standards will have been adhered to. (BS AU 145d).

Click here to go over to our online number plate maker

trailer number plate makers

We are sure you’ll be a super happy customer – click here to head over to our vehicle registration number plate maker for trailers so you can be road legal when towing them with your car (no one has time to get into trouble with the DVLA). You can also find out more by checking out our blogs or online store where you’ll find a lot of helpful information and you’ll be able to play around and order directly from our online number plate maker for trailers.



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